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Content Writing: Perception in Indian Scenario

While designing always steals the glamour, thankfully we have realized that not just the design but the content written inside the design is of equal importance. In fact content is sometimes more critical than design.

For example you have a beautifully designed corporate profile that you sent to a prospective client. The client looks at the design and he positions your brand/company to a certain level. He starts to read through it and find that the content very ordinary and immediately perceives you as a company who has nothing but good looks in a cover. Alternatively another organization sent the same person a simply designed profile but with a lot of substance, engaging and classy content. The client will perceive him as a committed organization that focuses on the works rather on the packaging. Just for moment put yourself in the shoes of the client you will understand that who is going to get priority. We are no way implying that design is not important but trying to make a point that content should match the design. Smart and global service providers are therefore engaging professional content writing companies to adorn their information aligning to the corporate and business needs.

The first general perception about content in India is very widespread and severe. Barring large corporate and few enlightened organizations most startups, SME or midsized organizations feel content is a cheap and low cost service. So the primary and only deciding factor for selecting content becomes the cost. One reason could be that content when comes to the company in a text format and does not have a design it is perceived as a low valued product. But in actual the things to be considered are the effort that goes into making content. Today a designing course can be done after 12th and the person needs good creative skills and the software knowledge. But to become a content writer (Professional) the minimum education level required is a post graduation degree. Along with that the person needs to have a creative bend of mind, needs writing skills, needs business understanding, experience and all these without much of a software support. The job is restricted to some basic office software and mostly involves knowledge of the person. Also on the other hand many individual people feel that they are good content writers and there is no big deal in writing. So people who are not working or has left job for some reason feel content writing is the easiest career choice and jump into it as freelancer.

In India, the business dynamics are complex with organizations unable to decide whether to engage a freelancer or outsource the job to an organization. They cannot be blamed since there are many freelance content writers who want to grab the opportunity at very low cost. But like every business here is also a catch. Although, freelancers are cheap but mostly are unable to deliver the business centric content. Reason is simple the freelancer might write about your business but a solid content is a blend of research, editing, proofreading, quality check, business relevancy and uniqueness of approach. There is a huge gap in client’s requirement to what finally delivered.

Also the next challenge in the industry are the innumerable SEO companies mushroomed in the nation promising professional content writing service; so far we have not came across one that does deliver high quality content. To drive results they generate huge volume of low budget and so called ‘Unique Content’ (Read copied and changed with synonyms). But trust us if you have original substance in your content you require 20% of the volume they produce to drive same SEO results. Anyone who wishes to contradict is welcome to contact us for demonstration.

Mentioning so much about the negative perceptions one must understand that there is a lot more positive going into the industry also. Things are all not that bad as it may seem. Today content development is growing at a faster rate than many well established industries and will continue to grow for coming years with the surging demand at national and global level. We all should consider few simple things regarding content development for a sustained growth and mutual benefits.

1. People need to acknowledge the critical skill required to develop content.
2. Frankly, there is no single course that can develop the skill. In fact content writing is a serious and high growth career choice which requires knowledge, analytical abilities and a perfect charisma to weave words. It’s more like a premium craftsmanship.
3. Organizations should look beyond cost to select content writers. Many say that you can get the best quality at the cheapest price. But an original work of art is always costly than a lookalike replica. Creativity accompanied with sound business knowledge and technical skill can actually create the spark.

At Content Disha we believe that spectacular content writing services can change the perceptions. So far we have found the belief to be true. Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of content and are engaging professionals for it. We are proud to set new benchmarks in the industry and actually pioneering the growth in many unexplored areas of content.

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